Love wins - same sex marriage law passes

Same sex marriage passes. How exciting. We are now going to see gay weddings in this country and I couldn't be more thrilled. I believe there are going to be many couples who will decide to tie the knot in 2018.... and I could not be more delighted to make myself available for those lucky couples planning on doing that this year.

I am extremely excited to be among the first to officiate at a Australia's premier gay weddings and I would be even more excited to meet with you and your partner to discuss the special arrangements and skills I can bring to your special day.

Love and light to all of you xxx

Shannon Black


Updated: 2nd October, 2018. There have now been over 4500 gay weddings in Australia since the law was passed to allow same sex couples to marry. That's pretty incredible.

See Two Cocks Celebrants website @

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